Paying it Forward, One Podcaster at a Time


A Financial Assistance Program for Podcasters, by Podcasters

Podfest Pay It Forward is Back!


We at Podfest Expo believe everyone deserves an opportunity to demonstrate their dedication to the craft of podcasting so they can entertain, educate or inspire others, even if a financial barrier might exist for them. That’s why we created the Podfest Pay It Forward Program.

Originally initiated by our friend, speaker and long-time supporter Gabe Aluisy by a sole “pay it forward” act, he set in motion a program that has now helped many podcasters launch their shows and who now enjoy the fruits of their dedication and labor. We are honored to follow in Gabe’s example by inviting podcasters from all over the world to “pitch in” and pay it forward to those who could use a helping hand in making it to Podfest Expo.

The podcasters below (along with several anonymous individuals and companies) represent the spirit of our community: a close-knit, dedicated group of people who realize the rising tide lifts ALL boats, who have heart and helping hands, and simply want to help those in financial need.

If you dream of starting your own podcast or of taking your podcast to the next level but could use a little financial assistance in the form of a ticket to attend Podfest, the Pay It Forward program might be right for you.

To be considered for a complimentary Podfest Pay It Forward ticket, you simply need to fill out the form below.

The only requirement is that we ask you to be in a place where you legitimately could use the assistance, and would absolutely attend if you had a ticket. Otherwise, in the spirit of helping the community, we ask that you pass this onto someone who could use the help.


Please fill out the form below. In the “Message” section, tell us a little about your situation and podcast idea!

Are you available to attend the entire conference, March 7-9th, 2019 in Orlando, FL?

You will need to cover both travel & your accommodations. Are you able to?

Special Thanks to Those Who Make the Pay It Forward Program Possible…


Gabe Aluisy

Private Club Radio


Tyler Sheff

Cashflow Guys


Mathew Passy



Glenn the Geek

Horse Radio Network


Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe

Hustle & Flowchart


Katie Krimitsos

Meditation for Women and Biz Women Rock!


Bob Caporale


Want to Pay It Forward?