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As attendees return home locally, nationally, and internationally from Orlando, it’s clear that Podfest 2020 was big in size and huge in memories. With nearly 2,000 on-hand at the world’s largest Marriott, the sixth edition of the annual conference was bursting with knowledge-sharing and relationship building.

From the opening of VidFest last Thursday to the closing of Podfest Multimedia Expo with the emotional gratitude ceremony, there were takeaways both in the practical sense and the friendships-made sense.

“I will be a better podcaster and a better person because of y’all,” attendee Amy Pacheco Jordan wrote in the event’s Facebook group as she prepared to leave central Florida. “And I can’t wait for next year!”

Something for Everyone

She and others will be better podcasters thanks to jam-packed workshops, keynotes from speakers who were generous with their information and resources, and vendors who filled the exhibitor hall to show hardware, software, and other cutting edge resources to equip creators with tools to start or enhance their shows.

Podfest 2020 was big in size
One of the many packed breakout sessions during Podfest (Photo by Rick Tauceda)

As for being a better person? For all the offerings such as those mentioned above there was just as extensive a menu of opportunities to connect. From the event that Buzzsprout hosted in Disney Springs on Thursday to the massive Influencer Meet and Greet on Friday night to the podcaster band that performed Saturday night in conjunction with karaoke and, of course, lunch breaks and those chance discussions in the hallways, it was all about community.

Attendee Darla Powell wrote on Facebook, “I had the best time and learned a lot. Thanks Podfest!”

It was a common refrain, as Jenn Gil echoed in her comments. “We had a great time this weekend. Andy and I are so grateful for the knowledge, the clarity, and the time to reflect and develop our vision. We met so many wonderful people doing amazing work.”

Outreach Efforts

When she wrote the end of that statement, she might not have intended solely for the non-profits who were a part of Podfest 2020, but indeed, they were notable by their efforts as well, from 100 Humanitarians to the Auditory Verbal Center, who was represented by the Podcast World Tour.

Podfest Multimedia Expo 2020
An attendee from Kenya gets a high-five on the main stage, saluting 100 Humanitarians (Photo by Rick Tauceda)

The 2020 edition was also notable because of the micro-conferences that were held in conjunction with Podfest Multimedia Expo. These ranged from SportsPod Con to Military Creator Con to the aforementioned VidFest and still others.

Theresa Raines wrote in the Podfest Facebook group, “This was one of the best experience for me.”

Luke Miller said, “Great event! Truly enjoyed and benefited from attending in ways I did not expect.”

And while some attendees took extra time to soak in all that there is to see and do in the Orlando area and savor every bit of their Podfest 2020 experience, others, like Lisa Fonfrias Altu, are already looking ahead to next year’s edition (March 5-7, 2021). “Thank you so much everyone for making my first Podfest an amazing experience,” she wrote. “I met so many wonderful people and learned so much. I already cannot wait to do this again next year!”

Podfest 2020 Multimedia Expo in Orlando
Podfest attendees check out some of the gear on display in the Exhibit Hall (Photo by Rick Tauceda)

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