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What is the Podfest Pro Experience?

Podfest Pro was designed for full-time Podcasters & Creators looking to actively collaborate with one another.

Our next Podfest Pro Experience will happen during Podfest Expo's 10-Year Anniversary event. It's an invite-only experience whose structure will be comprised of education and powerful networking. The purpose is to help those who are full-time professional podcasters and creators to collaborate with peers and learn about tools and strategies to grow their podcast or podcast network.

We have over 10 MILLION IAB-certified downloads/impressions pledged in promo swaps with other Podfest Pro Attendees.

We will host a private Influencer Meet & Greet Networking Experience for these individuals in an intimate setting.

What will be the Focus?

  • Creating active collaborations including promo swaps and other joint venture opportunities
  • Comparing notes on DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion)
  • Best practices on tracking ad campaign performance
  • Strategies and resources to sell 100% of your ad inventory
  • Best practices on maximizing affiliate income
  • Maximizing other sources of revenue, including: coaching, books, courses, live events, etc.
  • Sharing notes on dynamic and host-read ad placement strategies within your shows
  • Overall sound design strategies and best practices
  • Comparing notes on advertisers & ad agencies
  • Learning which platforms are best to advertise on for growth
  • Collaborating on email & social media swaps
  • Sharing thoughts on buying and selling feeds
  • Knowing how to value your show or network for sale
  • Sharing resources and strategies for ad-free/supporter subscriptions
  • Dealing with licensing, copyrights, and other legal issues
  • Growing and managing a team
  • Discussing pros and cons of being exclusive with advertising agencies

What Exactly Is a Podfest Pro?

A Podfest Pro is someone who makes a full time living from their podcast or podcast network. This DOES NOT INCLUDE someone who makes a full time living from providing podcast services, but rather, someone whose podcast or podcast network fully supports them.

You're a Podfest Pro if you...

Show proof of 5,000+ IAB certified downloads or more per episode within 30 days of release*
or make a full-time income from your podcast or podcast network

What else is Included?

The Podfest Pro Experience includes...

  • Access to our Invite-Only Podfest Pro Experience at Podfest Expo, January 25th-26th
  • Lunch on January 25th and January 26th
  • VIP Room Access
  • Access to ALL after parties
  • Private Podfest Pro Meet & Greet
  • General Influencer Meet & Greet
  • Pro Pass Seating (first row) in all education rooms
  • Listed on our popular PodfestExpo website
  • Featured in the Podfest Messenger newsletter (distribution 40,000+ subscribers)
  • Priority speaking opportunities at Podfest Expo

When and where is it?

January 25th and 26th in Orlando, Florida at the Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive

I'm interested! What do I do next?

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We look forward to seeing you there!
Chris & the PODFEST Team