For Beginners (or Re-Launchers)

The Podcast Startup Workshop


9am-3pm March 7th, 2019
Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, FL

Learn To Launch & Grow Your Own Pro-Quality Podcast

This is different than any other 1-day podcast training you’ve ever seen or experienced.

That’s because it’s actually part of 10 weeks of world-class training and support designed to help you launch (or re-launch) and grow your pro-quality podcast by May 2019.

The Startup Workshop is Supported by These 3 Pillars of Success:


1. Pre-Event Training


Four Sessions of Pre-Event Video Training. There’s a lot that goes into getting a podcast ready, and we don’t want you to have to try to cram it all in a day.

So we’re starting our training BEFORE the event, by teaching you our 90 Day Launch Plan Blueprint, so you will ARRIVE at the workshop with a PLAN in PROGRESS.

(Can’t make the pre-event training? No worries – all training will be recorded, so you can watch anytime you want – even after the event!)

Our plan not only gives you a headstart, but will ensure you arrive at the workshop ready to take a deep dive in the HANDS-ON training.

2. On-Site Training


Seven Hours of Hands-On Training. Having a head-start on your Pre-Production Content will allow you to spend your precious on-site time doing hands-on training & in-person coaching with the experts, not book-learning & content creation.

On-site training will include an overview of pre-event training, hands-on gear & interview demos & exercises,  and interactive Mastermind style hot seats and Q&A.

PLUS you’ll have an opportunity to meet and partner with other podcasters following the same system, so you can form mastermind groups to help you cross the finish line after the live event.

3. Post-Event Followup


Six Weeks of Online Follow-up Support. After establishing relationships with your instructors and fellow podcasters, you can accept our Podcast StartUp Launch Challenge and stay connected through our Private Facebook Group.

We’ll also encourage you to work with Accountability Partners and small Mastermind Groups to give you support long after you leave Orlando…

You’ll even have exclusive access to an optional 6 Week Group Coaching with your instructors – All designed to keep you motivated and accountable to your goals, and help you actually launch (or re-launch) your podcast by May 2019.

Attend This Exclusive Workshop, And You’ll Walk Away With:

  • A 90-day, excuse-busting, Podcast Launch Plan Blueprint – for you to customize & implement
  • A Proven Content Creation Plan to identify your topic, episodes & format
  • Podcast equipment training from two of the industry’s premier experts on the best, field-tested gear & services for your needs
  • World-class interviewing tips & techniques
  • Hands-on interactive mic & interview training
  • Proven strategies for GROWING and MONETIZING your podcast to six-figures

  • The chance to participate in Mastermind style Hot Seats with experienced podcast coaches
  • Q&A with two of the industry’s premier podcast experts
  • Access to the Startup Launch Challenge to successfully launch your podcast in 6 weeks
  • Access to the StartUp private Facebook group and Mastermind groups to support you after you leave Podfest
  • Access to advanced podcast training opportunities
  • And MUCH more…



Here’s a look at our Podcast Startup Workshop schedule and agenda!

Pre-Event Training

  • 4 Weekly Livestreams in the PodFest StartUp Private FB Group – Once you register, you’ll have access to 4 weeks of video training leading up to Podfest – All will be RECORDED and accessible at any time BEFORE and AFTER the live event, so you can watch whenever you want.
  • Early Access to Downloadable Launch Plan PDF Workbook: The “90 Day PodFest StartUp Launch Plan Blueprint Workbook” is a proven roadmap you can customize, designed to help you launch your podcast within 6 weeks following the live event, and grow it months beyond that.
  • Early Access to Shawn’s Podcast Gear Guide– So participants can ORDER and BRING their gear TO PodFest to get on-site training at the workshop with their OWN GEAR

Livestream Training #1 - 4 Weeks Before Podfest

  • Session #1 – Your 90 Day Podcast Launch Plan Blueprint
  • Session #2 – How to Identify Your Ideal Listener

Livestream Training #2 – Three Weeks Before Podfest

  • Session #3 – How to Identify Your Topic & Podcast Format
  • Session #4 – Creating your Podcast Budget & Identifying Your Podcast Gear

Livestream Training #3 – Two Weeks Before Podfest

  • Session #5 – Keys to Outstanding Cover Art
  • Session #6 – Keys to Outstanding Music & Music Resources

Livestream Training #4 – One Week Before Podfest

  • Session #7 – How to create a Pro Podcast Intro/Outro
  • Session #8 – Identifying Your Calls To Action

On-Site Training

Includes All-day, Hands-On, On-Site Workshop Training and Coaching with Jeff Brown and Shawn Smith at the Podfest Podcast StartUp Workshop in Orlando, FL on March 7, 2019

Morning Program – LAUNCH

  • Review – Pre-Event Training & 90 Day Pre-Production Podcast Launch Plan & Workbook


  • 5 Simple Steps to Pro Podcast Production & Efficient Workflow
  • Pro Podcasting Tech – Mics, Gear, Apps & Services for Your Needs
  • How to Land the Big Interviews and Get Pro Results
  • Hands-On Interactive Exercise – Pro Mic Techniques
  • Hands-On Interactive Exercise  – Pro Interview Techniques
  • LAUNCH – Hot Seat Interactive Mastermind Coaching w/Jeff & Shawn

LUNCH BONUS – TECH EXPO – Test out mics, mic setups & apps, and more…

Afternoon Program – GROW


  • Ways to Grow Your Audience like a Pro
  • Weekly Promotion & Marketing Content Calendar
  • The Six-Figure Podcast(er) – How to Monetize Your Podcast
  • GROW – Hot Seat Interactive Mastermind Coaching w/Jeff & Shawn
  • Hands-On Interactive Exercise – Q&A w/Jeff & Shawn
  • Next Steps – Identifying Accountability Partners and Mastermind Group Members, Mastermind Best Practices, Podcast StartUp Launch Challenge & Set Podcast LAUNCH DATE & START!

Post-Event Followup

  • Access to the Podcast StartUp Launch Challenge – Studies show that people are more likely to take action if they are part of a group challenge. This will give you the BEST opportunity to TAKE ACTION and LAUNCH.
  • 6 Weeks Access to the Podcast StartUp Workshop Private Facebook Group – moderated by Shawn and Jeff –  to encourage & support participants & help you Launch, Re-Launch, and Grow your Podcast 6 weeks AFTER PodFest. Get feedback from fellow students on your cover art, intro, first episode before launching, tech questions, and more.
  • Access to Accountability Partners/Mastermind Groups – Again, studies show that those who have accountability and a small support group, get more results. So these groups will be established at the on-site event, with a blueprint and framework using the same Mastermind format that Shawn & Jeff use in their own successful Mastermind groups. This will help you LAUNCH and GROW your podcast within 6 weeks.
  • Optional 6 Week Advanced Training & Coaching Opportunity w/Jeff and Shawn – Exclusive access to continue training with your instructors, to further ensure you will launch a Pro-Quality podcast within 6 weeks – (details TBA at the StartUp Workshop)



Shawn Smith

Since 1994, Shawn has flown nearly 1 million miles as a professional musician, keynote speaker, and mobile technology expert at, hence earning the moniker, “The Mobile Pro”.

Shawn started podcasting in 2006, and through his step-by-step online training course, Podcasting Made Easy, Shawn has taught dozens of non-tech newbies, and top-ten ranked podcasters alike, how to create pro-sounding podcasts with just their iPhone or iPad, and a handful of gear that fits in a backpack, purse, or pocket.

This simple podcast system, allows his students to focus on their CONTENT and AUDIENCE, and not be distracted or overwhelmed by the TECH of podcasting.

Shawn started his mobile podcast journey in Guatemala – by trying to figure out how to create a pro-sounding podcast to share stories of the 1,800 volunteers that he and his wife have led on their annual mission trips, serving children living in extreme poverty.

After 5 years of intense research, Shawn used his 25 years of experience as a recording artist to finally crack the code of how to quickly produce pro-sounding podcasts with an iPhone, from anywhere.

After publishing his results, Shawn instantly became the foremost authority on mobile podcasting, and has spoken at business conferences throughout the world such as Podfest, FinCon, TBex-Europe, and Ping Helsinki, and he was featured in the documentary, “The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary

When not on the road, Shawn lives with his lovely wife in South Florida.


Jeff Brown

Jeff is an award-winning radio producer and personality, and former nationally-syndicated morning show host. Following a 26-year career in radio, Jeff launched the Read to Lead Podcast to near-instant acclaim in July 2013.

Read to Lead has been nominated Best Business Podcast no less than four times, is an iTunes Essentials podcast (for Book Lovers), and has been featured in both Inc. and Entrepreneur, and the blogs of Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, and Jeff Goins among others.

Jeff has personally coached hundreds of successful podcasters around the globe – many of them award nominees (and winners) themselves – and has consulted on podcasts for the US government, one of the largest churches in the US, and numerous multi-million dollar companies.

He can frequently be found keynoting at podcasting events and other conferences across the US, including Podcast Movement, FinCon, Podfest, Tribe Conference and the Igniting Souls Conference.

Register For The Podcast Startup Workshop


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  • A 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot – ($49 Value)
  • Exclusive Video Training“How to Set Up & Record a Pro-Sounding Podcast w/ATR2100 Mic & iPhone or iPad” –  by Shawn Smith ($47 Value)
  • Exclusive Video Training“How to Prep Your Interview Like a Pro” – by Jeff Brown – ($47 Value)
  • Podcast StartUp Workshop Recordings – Lifetime access to all StartUp Workshop Pre-Event and On-Site Event training recordings – ($497 Value)


They are ALL Yours – But ONLY If You Register NOW! These bonuses expire February 21st at Midnight.

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Have a Question? Here Are the Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!


If you have a question not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need to register for PodFest in order to attend the Podcast StartUp Workshop?

Yes. The Podcast StartUp Workshop is exclusively offered to those who have registered for Podfest Multimedia Expo. You can register for Podfest or add the workshop to your ticket by clicking one of the buttons below.

How much does the Podcast StartUp Workshop Cost?

The Podcast StartUp Workshop and all Pre-Event training and Follow-Up support is INCLUDED with the Podfest VIP and Inner Circle tickets, but you must register in advance to attend. (you will receive an email before Podfest to register for the StartUp workshop). If you want to add the StartUp workshop to a Creator level ticket, you can register by clicking the link below. The cost is only $197 and includes all the Pre-Event, On-Site, and Follow-Up training.

I’m a TOTAL Newbie to Podcasting - I’m not even sure if I WANT to launch a podcast, or where to even start! Do I need to commit to all 10 weeks of this training?

Not at all. This workshop is ESPECIALLY for Newbies! We encourage you to take in as much of the training you can – you will learn something valuable at EVERY session. Especially if you have NO idea where to START with creating a podcast, we encourage you to register for the workshop NOW, and attend the Pre-Event livestreams (or watch the replays in our private Facebook Group).

These pre-production trainings will help you define your topic, ideal listener, show format, etc. If you already know your show’s content, but struggle with the TECH or INTERVIEW techniques, and/or you’re looking for help & support with your LAUNCH, we strongly encourage you to attend the on-site training on March 7th. The Follow-Up support will also help you dramatically with launching a successful podcast within weeks following Podfest.

How much time will it take to launch my podcast if I follow this training system?

This really depends on many things – i.e. How long it takes to create your show content, What type of show format, how long it is, how comfortable you are speaking, how much editing you need to do, etc.

On average, if you follow our system, and spend about 5 hrs/week prepping your content, and following our training, it takes most of our students about 6-8 weeks to launch their pro-quality podcast. Although some have launched in as little as 2 weeks, we recommend committing to at least 6 weeks to realistically prep and launch.

How much time will it take for me to do the Pre-Event Training before PodFest?

To maximize your experience, we recommend investing about 2-3 hrs/week total (1 hr – watch the training + 1-2 hrs to execute exercises) x 4 weeks leading up to PodFest. How long it takes you to do the exercises will largely depend on how focussed your idea for your podcast is. If you’re starting from scratch, it may take longer; Re-Launching – probably less time.

However, even if you don’t have time to do the pre-event training, you will find the on-site training on March 7th super valuable. You will receive a workbook at the event, and we will review the main pre-event training concepts, then move onto the hands-on training. PLUS, you will always have access to the pre-event training videos AFTER the event, so you can dive into that training afterward if you prefer.

What if I can’t attend the Pre-Event Training livestreams? Will there be a recording/replay?

Yes, all Pre-Event Training will be recorded in our private StartUp Workshop Facebook group, so you can watch them live, immediately afterwards, or even after the on-site training on March 7th, so no worries, we’ve got you covered!

How much will the Pro Podcast Gear that you recommend cost?

Podcast mics and gear vary in price, and this depends largely on what equipment you already have (if any), and how many mics you need for in-person co-hosts, guest, etc. However, having quality audio is a key for podcast success, so we STRONGLY recommend making a small investment in the pro-quality equipment we recommend. That said, here’s a general rule for budgeting for podcast gear:

For 1 person – our recommended pro-mic setup is about $125 and can be used with an iPhone, iPad, or computer (we recommend an iOS device – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch for newbies especially because they produce pro-quality audio, and the apps are SO easy to learn and use).  

For 2 people (for in-person interviews and/or co-host) – figure on about $275-$300 in podcast gear. For 3-4 mics – figure about $450 – $600. Again, all recommended setups will be compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC computers. (we do not recommend Android phones & tablets for podcast recording). We will provide you with a complete recommended gear guide w/prices during the pre-event training.