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Podcasting Hall of Famer Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting obviously loves the medium, he just doesn’t like one of the players within it – Anchor.

The company made news this year when they were purchased by Spotify, but Jackson still grimaces at the idea of a business who provides their services free of charge. Presumably, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is (to good to be true).

Dave Jackson hates Anchor
Why Dave Jackson Hates Anchor

Jackson warns that Anchor will only let you list your podcast in one category (for Apple Podcasts), not the usual three. He also doesn’t like that Anchor doesn’t tell you when you sign up for their service that you won’t get access to Apple stats in PodcastConnect, nor your Stitcher stats. Not to mention, Jackson points out, the stats from Anchor themselves are very basic. Additionally, the owner email that shows up in iTunes won’t be your address.

There were even times that Jackson emailed Anchor and had to wait four days for a response.

Dave Jackson and his conclusion?

Jackson told Indie Pod News, “They make it easy, but starting a podcast is not the hard part. Staring a GOOD podcast is the hard part.”

He has even more complaints about Anchor. Read his full blog entry here.

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